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Here's the human Bonehilda for download. She's bred from Beatrice, but has been edited quite a bit in various ways and she has human ears instead of elven.


Included content. Here's what she looks like sans CC.


By the way, the above picture is included with yesterday's posters, I just forgot to mention it!
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I've never understood the hate for the ideal plantsim. I love his face! In fact I love him so much that I've extracted him so I can have him as a playable.

In my own canon, I don't see him as an actual plantsim, but a fairy who invented plantsims, cowplants, and other quirky Sim plants.

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Jocasta Bachelor doesn't have anybody on her side of the family tree, so a lot of people choose to give her magical roots! Here's my take on this mysterious family...

Caravan of witches under the cut )
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ETA: I've now added Raquel and Robyn with CC if you want them.

Reveal and downloads this way )
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Here she is from the Good Genes Challenge. There you can see all of whom she gets her genetics from. There is no Bella in her, but [ profile] meetme2theriver pointed out that Tara is also based on the face 2 template, so that would explain some of the resemblance. However, there is something up with Tara's face in that it doesn't age, so Beatrice's features that she gets from Tara won't age either. But she's got elf ears, so that's not exactly out of place.


ETA: Here's where she gets her features:
Rainelle Neengia - eye shape, skintone, hair color
Jennicor Tricou - cheekbones, ears, lips
Tara Kat - nose, chin, eye color

ETA 2: There were some issues with the rose accesory not showing up, so I've removed it from the package file and uploaded it separately here.


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