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Here is the Bachelor House from TS3 that I recreated for TS2. It's called Greener & Greener, even though this and the original house are mostly brown and autumny. It's not an exact replica, as I have changed a few things either for logistical, aesthetic, or plot purposes.

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Here's another apartment complex on a small lot (2x3), this time a nicer furnished one for your bachelor or bachelorette. This is where young Mr. Lothario is going to live. It comes with four apartments, and the rent ranges from §1689-§3068.

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Here's a small, simple, functional, no frills apartment complex on a tiny lot that won't lag your game! No CC! Requires Apartment Life and nothing else if you use Clean Installer. Sans Clean Installer you'll need all the EPs.

Comes with 5 apartments. Rent is 5480 + 954 a month for the bottom level, and 5470 + 1188 for the top level. Each apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, except for the one on the top left, which will be home to the Caliente sisters in F&R.


ETA: Reuploaded to fix that unfinished edge on the top. If you want to edit the outside or walls of the apartment, use the "changeLotZoning residential" cheat and change it back when you're done using "changeLotZoning apartmentbase".

[ profile] jenga218 has made a highrise version of these with eleven apartments, which you can download here.
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If anyone wants to download the park lot from Chapter 1, I have it uploaded here. It probably requires everything except Ikea and Mansions & Gardens (since those are the only ones I don't have.)

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Credits: TheJim07 for the Grim Reaper and figure statues (with his permission) and joninmobile for the mermaid, fish, and hands statues.

The flowers are from here here. (booty link)


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