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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting on much, but I've been busy with holiday stuff and am looking at a potential new job. And finally, thanks to Keoni's awesome livestream I have learned how to mesh.


I did a footswap of the K&B bathrobes for AF as well as Trapping's gift for Nabila from last Christmas (categorized as everyday and sleepwear). Both only come with three recolors, but feel free to do what you'd like with these meshes. (I've not yet learned to do default replacements, otherwise I'd have done so with the robes)

Download K&B Bathrobes with Blockfeet
Download Trapping-Nabila Dress with Blockfeet

Both have pregnant and fat morphs. I've tested the hell of out them but let me know if there's any problems! On a similar note, I've also put barefeet on a sundress here and shared some bushy hair on GOS.

I'm sorry to say I don't know when the next update will come out, but I do have a large chunk of it done and I'm planning to split it up so that it'll be three parts and I can get it out faster.
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In case you missed it, there's a new chapter of F&R thataway, which means I'm now in the post-chapter CC making part of my "cycle".


I posted the above separates as a trade-off for Mr. O here, and three Maxis Match hairs modeled by my only brunette here.

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Trapping converted this awesome TS3 updo for Bunshead, so I decided to try and Maxis Match it. I also did Newsea's Sprout a while ago but never uploaded it.

Download Labyrinth Twists Updo

Download Newsea Sprout

(Forgive the bad previews, I think my game has reset itself to the Maxis lighting system. D:)
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Peggy 07960 MM
(ETA: Those who downloaded before 2/12, please re-download! The age groups are properly linked now.)

Newsea Infinity MM
I've had this one done for a while but was waiting for someone to distribute the mesh publicly.

Newsea Gantz for females on Trapping's mesh, texture referenced to Simgaroop's male version (which is included and REQUIRED.)
Newsea Gantz for male and female MM
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Here, have a MM version of Newsea's Soledad for male and female. (Conversion by [ profile] trappingit) Simgaroop/Io textures with these colors:

title or description

Download for Female

Download for Male
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Download Newsea Nightbloom

Two more behind the cut )

ETA: I've removed the mesh from the Newsea Nightbloom upload because it probably has a paysite tracker in it and I don't want to be responsible for the person who uploaded it getting caught. I'll re-include it once the file is cleaned and put up on The Booty, but for now you'll have to get the mesh on your own.

ETA 2: The clean mesh is now included. Thank you booty!
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Happy New Year everyone! I learned how to retexture! These are in the four standard [ profile] simgaroop colors, and the textures are some combination of Neena, Io, Simgaroop, Remi overlayed with some Pooklet. It's my first time; I'm just kind of experimenting! They should work for all ages, textures referenced to eachother, with the grey hair linked to blonde.

4 Maxis Match Hairs below the cut )

If there's any problems, let me know! Happy New Year!

ETA: The hot girl hair was incorrectly family'd and has since been fixed. That just means that it wouldn't stay on the same hair when you switch between hair colors in bodyshop/CAS/mirrors, and would transition to a boring basegame hair for elders. Redownload if it bothers you!


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