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Here's a gift for you that I decided to release a little early in case anyone would like to use for them for Christmas or whatever. It's an off the shoulder dress for AF & TF in the above six colors, plus a plain desaturated grey one in case anyone would like to recolor it. It's categorized as formal and everyday, and the teen files are slaved to the adult.

Here's a closer look at the textures and the fat morph (well, as "fat" as the TS2 size gets):

The shoes are from Sentate, the skirt/bow is from the FT uberfamily dress with Alleluia's plain textures, the peasant top is from Aquilegia, and the pattern overlay is from Colourlovers. The mesh has been tested by me and my buddy, but I'm still a meshing newbie so let me know if there's any big issues.

Download Holiday Dress AF & TF

This next one is something I don't know if anyone will want besides me, and it's not even something that I needed, but I just thought I'd give it a go because I could. It's a very skinny version of the Happy Holidays Santa suit for your Santa imposters. I use StretchSkeleton on Ichabod to about 1.1 so it's not quite as skinny at normal height, but still quite slim. There is no fat morph with this one.

Download Skinny Santa

Actually my favorite movie and one of my favorite books both feature skeletons (or skellingtons, see username) in Santa suits, but that's a little advanced for my meshing skills at the moment. But between this and that, I'm starting to wonder if I have some sort of kink...
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